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Offer Upgrades to Your Loyal Customers

How many people sitting in coach on an airplane wish they were in first class? Odds are, most if not all of them.

Offer Upgrades to Your Loyal Customers

First class flyers get fancy lounges in the airport, preferential boarding, comfortable and roomy seats, their own special first class flight attendants, real food and drinks, blankets, pillows… just about whatever they want within reason.

The first time I flew first class, it was on a complimentary upgrade for having made me miss my connection due to an airline delay. (Those were the days when airlines thought of you as a valued customer instead of cattle.)

I was shocked at how well they treated the first class passengers, even bringing hot moist towels so we could wash our hands, free drinks, completely edible food, a soft pillow… I never wanted the flight to end.

And I was hooked, too. Who wants to go back to coach after flying first class? Not me!

Which makes me think – what if we offered our best customers a complimentary upgrade?

Think of it this way: You’ve got prospects, you’ve got customers, and then you’ve got SPECIAL customers who spend lots of money with you.

So what do you do?

You create special perks just for these customers.

For example, maybe you give them:

  • Their own member’s area full of fun and useful stuff
  • Discounts on all of your products
  • First dibs on new products – they get to buy your new stuff before anyone else
  • Discounts you’ve negotiated on other people’s products
  • Special videos you made just for them
  • Insider’s info on your niche
  • And whatever else you can think of that they would love

There are two different routes to take in creating your preferred customer program.

Either you charge customers to be a preferred customer. This might be an annual fee that gets them in the door and gives them all the perks of being a preferred customer.

Or perhaps they have to EARN preferred status through the purchases they make from you.

For example, you could require that they make a certain number of purchases or they spend a certain amount of money with you in a time frame you choose.

In the first case, anyone can become a preferred customer. In the second case, as long as they continue to make the necessary number of purchases, they get to retain their status.

So why would you bother to create a preferred customer program?

Your preferred customers feel special. They get better treatment and get fussed over and pampered, and who doesn’t like that?

Your preferred customers will become your best advocates on social media. One happy preferred customer has the power to tell many, many others.

Your preferred customers will look to YOU, first. Whether it’s to buy something, get advice or whatever, you will be the person they turn to in your niche – which is exactly what you want.

You will set yourself apart from everyone else in your niche. When you offer the premier preferred customer program everyone talks about, you become an instant authority in your niche, which helps to bring in even more customers.

Your preferred customers will sell products for you, as well as preferred memberships. Simply by doing what’s natural – bragging about the great deals and treatment they get – you will likely get new customers coming to you through social media with no extra effort on your part.

You’ll get feedback to grow bigger, better and faster – a team of your best customers who will give you feedback on how to improve your products, as well as telling you what they would like to see next.

Any way you slice it, a preferred customer program is a great thing for both your customers and your bottom line.

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